Terms & Conditions

1. The Lucky Draws Overview

1. 1   The Lucky Draws will be conducted by Kelab Bolasepak PJ City (PJ City Football Club) (‘the Club’)                     during each Super League home match of the Club in Malaysian football season 2020, at the Club’s                   home stadium at Stadium MBPJ, Kelana Jaya, Selangor (‘Home Stadium’).

1.2    The objective of the Lucky Draws is to promote the growth of the football as a sport in Malaysia  and to             increase the fan base of the Club.

1.3    The Lucky Draws are governed by these terms and conditions, including any subsequent amendments             thereto (‘Terms & Conditions’).

1.4    All participants in the Lucky Draws shall be deemed to have accepted the Terms & Conditions.

2. Eligibility Criteria

2.1   The Lucky Draws are open to spectators at the Club’s Super League home matches at Home Stadium,              who had purchased Grand Stand (RM20) tickets and Terrace (RM15) tickets for the home matches of the            Club’s Super League team at the Home Stadium, or season pass holders of the Club’s Super League                  matches, during Season 2020; and who:-

        (a)  had entered the Home Stadium within 15 minutes from the commencement time of each home                          match;

        (b)  are citizens or permanent residents of Malaysia, or foreigners who are in Malaysia with valid visa;

        (c)  are eighteen (18) years of age or above; and

        (d)  are not among the Excluded Persons listed in Clause 2.2 below.

2.2    The following categories of persons are excluded from participating in the Lucky Draws (‘Excluded                      Persons’):

        (a)  the Club’s officers, employees, officials, coaches, players, support staff and their immediate family                      members;

        (b)  the Club’s sponsor companies / entities, its related companies / entities, their directors, officers,                        employees and their immediate family members;

        (c)  spectators who are holding complimentary tickets;

        (d)  the persons attending the respective home matches at Home Stadium who are minors below the                       age of 18;

        (e)  the Club’s cheerleaders, volunteers, Local Organising Committee (LOC) members, match officials on                 match-days and their immediate family members; and

        (f)  any persons who are directly or indirectly connected to the Lucky Draws, including but not limited to,               the auditors, sponsors / suppliers of the Lucky Draw gifts, and their immediate family members.

2.3    Employees of the stadium owner MBPJ who had purchased tickets as specified in Clause 2.1 above are             allowed to participate in the Lucky Draws.

3. The Lucky Draws Period

3.1    Each Lucky Draw will be held on each of the total 11 home matches of the Club’s Super League team at           the Home Stadium (‘the Lucky Draws Period’).

3.2    The Club may hold an additional Lucky Draw with additional prize at any of the home matches.

3.3    The Lucky Draw Period and the number of times each of the Lucky Draws are held can be changed by                the Club at its discretion.

4. The Lucky Draw Prizes

4.1    The prize for each Lucky Draw at each home match shall be one(1) Honda motorcycle (‘Lucky Draw                      Prize’).

4.2    The Club may offer a different motorcycle as Lucky Draw Prize for any additional Lucky Draw held at any            of the home matches.

4.3    The Club shall have the right at its sole discretion and without prior notice to replace, change or                         substitute the Lucky Draw Prize stated with another prize of similar value.

4.4    The Lucky Draw Prize cannot be exchanged for cash or other goods or services.

5. The Lucky Draws Mechanics

5.1    Each ticket can only be used for the Lucky Draw at the respective home match for which it was issued.

5.2    The collection of ticket stubs with their numbers, for the purpose of the Lucky Draws will cease within 15           minutes from the commencement time of each home match of the Club’s Super League team at the                 Home Stadium.

5.3    To qualify for a chance to win a prize at the Lucky Draws:

         (a)  eligible participants must be holding a paid Grand Stand ticket priced at RM20 or a paid Terrace                       Stand ticket priced at RM15 for the Club’s Super League team’s home matches at the Home Stadium                 during Season 2020;

         (b)  be present to receive the Winner’s certificate at the respective home match at the Home Stadium;

         (c)  participants shall not be an Excluded Person (as listed under Clause 2.2 above).  

5.4    The winning number for Lucky Draw shall be selected at random during the half-time break during the              match, either by hand or by other means and methods (which may be manual or computerised) as the              Club may determine in its sole and absolute discretion.

5.5    The person holding the winning Lucky Draw number (‘Winner’) has to: (i) identify himself/herself to the              Club’s designated person in the Home Stadium within 5 minutes of the winning ticket number being                  announced; (ii) appear in person at the Grand Stand or such other designated place in the Home                      Stadium where each Lucky Draw is being held; and (iii) present the winning ticket number, and identity              card / passport for verification.

5.6    In the event the Winner does not identify himself/herself to the Club’s designated persons in the Home             Stadium within 5 minutes of the winning ticket number being announced, the Club shall be entitled to               select another winning number from the Lucky Draw pool after the same home match.

5.7    The Winner would be required to sign a written statement that he/she is not among the Excluded                     Person and the Club shall be entitled to verify the Winner’s Eligibility Criteria.

5.8    The Winner will be given a certificate confirming that he/she had won the Lucky Draw Prize during the               presentation ceremony held during the respective Super League home match of the Club at the Home             Stadium.

5.9    In the event the Winner is disqualified from the Lucky Draw due to the person not meeting the Eligibility           Criteria or the person is among the Excluded Person, then the Club shall be entitled to select another               winning ticket number from the Lucky Draw pool, or hold another Lucky Draw during another home                   match of the Club at the Home Stadium, at its discretion.

5.10  The Winner has to collect the prize at the Club’s supplier of Lucky Draw Prize at his/her own costs. The              Lucky Draw Prize does not include insurance, registration, road tax and all other on-the-road costs of                the motorcycle given to the Winner as the Lucky Draw Prize.

5.11  The Lucky Draw Prize has to be collected from the Club’s supplier within fifteen (15) calendar days from              the date of the Lucky Draw, failing which the Lucky Draw Prize will be re-drawn as a Lucky Draw Prize in              another Lucky Draw to be held in any subsequent home match of the Club.

6. Publicity

6.1    All Winners in the Lucky Draws expressly consent to the public disclosure of their names, photos,                   videos of them and particulars, for publicity purposes connected to the Lucky Draws, including                       publication in the mass media, the Club’s social media channels, website and other promotional                     brochures and materials. Winners of the Lucky Draws also consent to cooperate and participate

         in any publicity activities that may be organised by the Club.

7. Disclaimer

7.1   The Club shall not be liable to any participants of the Lucky Draw for:

        (a)  any failure in holding the Lucky Draws due to any acts or events which are beyond the reasonable control of the Club, including when matches are postponed due to bad weather, strikes, riots, civil                            commotions at the Home Stadium or within its vicinity, or postponement / cancellation of the relevant matches made by the match officials or regulators of football in Malaysia, or the Super League; or

        (b)  cancellation of the Lucky Draws due to regulatory directives; or

        (c)  non-availability of the stated Lucky Draw Prizes due to supply chain constraints, epidemic, economic conditions, governmental directives or regulatory actions, or restrictions imposed by the owners of the                Home Stadium; or

        (d)  the condition or fitness for purpose of the Lucky Draw Prizes. Any issues related to warranty and manufacturing defects in the Lucky Draw Prizes shall be dealt by the Winner with the supplier /                                    manufacturer of the Lucky Draw Prize.

8. General

8.1    These Terms & Conditions shall be governed under the laws of Malaysia.

8.2.   The Club reserves the right to amend the Terms & Conditions or the mechanics of this Lucky Draw by publishing the  amendments on its website and such amendments shall take effect immediately upon                  publication in the Club’s website.

8.3    In the event of any inconsistencies between the English version of these Terms & Conditions and the Bahasa Malaysia version of these Terms & Conditions, the English version shall prevail.

8.4    In the event of any inconsistency between these Terms & Conditions and any advertising, promotional, publicity and other materials relating to or in connection with the Lucky Draws, these Terms &                           Conditions shall prevail.

8.5    If the Club discovers that any Winner was not eligible to participate in the Lucky Draw, or if any Winner is subsequently disqualified from receiving the Lucky Draw Prize, or there was fraud committed in                     winning the Lucky Draw Prize, the Club may at its sole discretion, withdraw the Lucky Draw Prize, reclaim it from the announced Winner even after the certificate award ceremony, inform the Lucky Draw Prize           supplier not to deliver the Lucky Draw Prize to the disqualified Winner, and then hold another Lucky Draw to choose another Winner, or donate the Lucky Draw Prize to an approved charitable organisation of           the Club’s choice.

8.6    Any Winner for the Lucky Draws whose Lucky Draw Prize has been withdrawn under these Terms & Conditions shall not be entitled to any payment or damages or compensation of whatsoever nature from               the Club.

8.7   The Club has absolute discretion to determine the Eligibility Criteria of the participants to the Lucky Draws, or to prevent any Excluded Persons from participating in the Lucky Draw, or to disqualify any                       announced Winner. Such determination is final and conclusive and the Club is not obliged to give any reason for its determination.

8.8    Any discretion to be exercised by the Club in conducting the Lucky Draws shall be in its absolute discretion, and such discretion can be exercised on behalf of the Club by the Club’s auditor, and any                           determination which may be made by the auditor shall be deemed to be made on behalf of the Club, without any obligation to give any reason to any person


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