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PJ City bring cheer and joy to kids at Taarana School

PETALING JAYA: The smiles on the faces of the young children said it all.

Students at Taarana, a school for special needs children, were given a special treat when players from Super League side Petaling Jaya City took time away from their football schedule to spread some World Children’s Day and seasonal cheer for the children recently.

Skipper K. Gurusamy and Filemon Anyie arrived at the school, complete with club mascot The Phoenix to light up the atmosphere. The duo gave away jerseys, posed for pictures and kicked the ball around with the kids, much to the delight of the children.

Their visit was organised by Rythm Foundation, the social impact initiative of the QI Group. Taarana, which means awakening, was established by the foundation in May 2011.

During the visit, Gurusamy and Filemon spent some quality time with the children and held a ‘football clinic’ where they played football together at the school ground.

The players expressed how they were amazed by the children, the dedication of the teachers and the foundation’s goal to provide a better future for special needs children.

Said Gurusamy: “Before I joined PJ City, my dream was just to play football but today, we as a club are involved in a healthy environment and connected community, and it’s just something that I love.”

Boey Kho, director of QI Group, extended her gratitude to the PJ City players.

“Sport is the most liberating of all endeavours. It allows one to rise to one’s greatest heights. Through sport, we celebrate both success and the victory of the human spirit over its trials and tribulations, which Taarana stands for,” she said.

“We are grateful for the players’ presence here today, bringing their passion and spirit to the children of Taarana.

Source: TheStar

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