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All 'local boys' PJ City shine

MANY were pessimistic when PJ City FC opted for an all-local team this year, but after Sunday's stalemate against Perak, eyes are starting to open.

The Bos Gaurus had their best players on the field, including Shakir Hamzah (Singapore) and Brazilians Leandro dos Santos, Raianderson Morais and Guilherme de Paula, but they could not break down PJ City's stubborn defence.

A delighted Maniam attributed his team's performance to several players.

"Captain K. Gurusamy's leadership qualities and presence inspired the rest while striker Darren Lok did decently as a forward.

"Darren has something prove as he did not get many opportunities with his former team last season.

"He is a good player, but he needs more matches to gain confidence.

"Goalkeeper Kalamullah Al-Hafiz Mat Rowi and R Kogileswaran were excellent, while our President's Cup boys showed composure against a good team.

"The team are working hard, and I believe things can get better."

Perak coach Chong Yee Fatt was pleased with the result.

"We had some chances but could not convert them. I think a draw is a fair result," he said, adding that Perak will be fielding some fresh legs when they play Sri Pahang tomorrow due to the tight schedule.

PJ City will play Melaka in their next match.

Source: New Straits Times

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